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Mobile medical difficulty degree of accuracy in the information technology needs to be admissible

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There is a demand to make human needs , more and more is that people want to have health care, and health care needs, but no such services on the Internet , if you look at the Internet today , check any medical treatment, or is selling fake medicine , even if it is to sell real drugs, or is this something Baidu ranked business sale of counterfeits row , no one can provide services , not to mention the way people use IT free is not the way to give you a direct fee , why ? Obviously not that people do not demand , this demand is obviously not without , apparently there are technical difficulties , he did not realize , where technical difficulties ?
Let us assume that today , we are so basic medical services , and at home you feel uncomfortable , then you go to the hospital to do some medical testing and monitoring, diagnosis done in the hospital, do the medical treatment in the hospital.
People want to have such a business , he is providing a way to use IT services , your name may be called Microsoft medical , health care and so on Baidu , you feel uncomfortable at home , you do all of the medical monitoring and testing in the home, on the Internet IT companies can give you to make a diagnosis , a lot of processing can be done at home , it is important to do the inside handle to the hospital , then this service is the IT approach. You think you found using Google Maps map , 99.99 % of the time is accurate, but if someday allowed, you drive to the front is a ravine , you will not go to Google complaining that you gave me data wrong. But his data is accurate, almost anyone credible.
Today you go abroad , whether English-speaking , Spanish-speaking , speak any language where you go to stay, you say I want to find a restaurant , and now 99% of the hotel 's front desk are on the computer to print a Google Map out to you and tell you this restaurant here . It is incorrect to say the probability that it will not be incorrect to accept complaints from users , the accuracy of the information it can be all of them accepted.

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