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The future lies in the development of mobile medical doctors end + end both patients

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Do professional medical services platform

Because of China 's special conditions , medical resources are scarce and unevenly distributed resources , China 's medical resources conflict has always been there . And the good doctor online platform is offered to play the role of a reasonable allocation of medical resources.
" China spent a lot of money to train medical professionals in the old professors, doctors, and if they are not high gold content of the day to answer medical problem is a waste of resources . Good doctor is doing online between doctors and patients platform , pre- directional communication plays a role . " Wang Hang said.
From the user point of pain
In late 2006, Wang Hang himself in a doctor's appointment , I found the reservation process exists information asymmetry problem , this experience has taught Wang Hang user pain points felt so good doctor first product will be the establishment of a medical review , voting systems, and the ability to in real time to provide patients with a doctor's appointment this case , and later , to establish a good doctor telephone consultation platform between users and physicians provide a paid consulting platform for voice calls .
Later, the good doctor -line phone version of the application , still trying to do the communication platform between patients and doctors , and moved to the site on the phone , making doctors more time to take advantage of the fragmentation , providing services for patients , as more people to provide medical advice.
In China , in fact, a doctor's income is very low , which led doctors have a lot of gray income , but this undesirable phenomenon will be broken, which promote the mobile Internet is the driving force of development. Wang Hang said .
Mobile medical rainbow night
Mobile health in the investment community , the industry is very hot, but in fact the doctor is still being detained in China 's industry has been hit them , " institution " of the brand . But in fact the world, the medical profession is precisely the existence of natural freelance characteristics.
The move ends with the doctor combine to provide patients with an interrogation of the industry , not only commercially possible , as well as to promote the significance of China's medical reform .
"Our country has also been a focus on health care reform this problem in the future doctors will be more freedom, the development of mobile health will be better and better ." Wang Hang said .
Wang Hang believes that the future lies in mobile medical doctors end + patients develop both ends , but the development of China 's two ends and uneven. With the continuous development of China's medical reform road , a good doctor in the future will still insist on providing services for doctors and patients to cooperate with doctors , and jointly promote the development of commercial road .

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