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From 2008 to 2013 the top ten overseas mergers and acquisitions of local Yixie

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Aurora Medical Resources to acquire a U.S. company

CRH Medical Investment in 2011 $ 100 million acquisition of a wholly-owned U.S. company Aurora , mastered the global leader in breast MRI ( magnetic resonance ) equipment development and manufacturing operations.
2 Dunlop Comed Medical acquisition of Dutch company
November 15, 2011 , Dunlop Medical Association and its subsidiaries world and 5.5 million euros to set up a joint venture company in the Netherlands Coop . Subsequently, by Coop Company 139.0372 million euros to existing shareholders Comed buy 40% stake in the company , while the company € 3,475,930 Coop Comed company capital to obtain a 50% stake , the original stake is diluted 1 /2. After the capital increase, medical Dunlop holds a 70 % stake in the company through Comed Coop companies.
3 Mindray Medical to acquire Australian distributor Ulco Medical Company
September 13, 2013 , headquartered in Shenzhen Mindray announced the acquisition of Australia's original distributor Ulco Mindray Medical Limited.
According to the acquisition agreement, Mindray will get Ulco mature sales and service channels in Oceania market , Mindray will also use its global resources platform to support the future development of Ulco in this market. After the completion of the acquisition , Ulco Mindray will become Australia branch, and renamed "Mindray Medical Australia", to maintain the existing operations unchanged. Mindray expected Ulco improve sales channels and service capabilities , will help to further strengthen Mindray market performance in Australia, New Zealand and other islands of Oceania .
4 Mindray Medical to acquire U.S. Zonare company
June 13, 2013 , Shenzhen Mindray announced a definitive agreement with the U.S. manufacturer of ultrasound diagnostic system Zonare Medical Systems (Zonare Medical Systems, Inc), will be $ 105 million for the acquisition of the latter .
The acquisition became official Mindray ultrasound diagnostics market into high-end landmark action, Mindray will help Zonare high-end ultrasound technology and market network , expanding the company covered in the field of ultrasound imaging products , as well as in emerging markets and China to promote the region ; same time, through Mindray product manufacturing cost advantages , and further reduce production costs Zonare 's . The deal is also the first since the establishment of Shenzhen Mindray 10 acquisitions , but also its second acquisition in the United States.
5 Jinjiang Electronic acquisition of U.S. company Cardima
The second half of 2011 , private enterprises in Chengdu , Sichuan Jinjiang Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to spend about 80 million yuan acquisition of California Kadima (Cardima) medical device company . February 18, 2011 , Jinjiang electronics company involved in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Oakland, California , North Branch along bankruptcy auction , and won the auction , get all the assets of the bankrupt U.S. Cardima companies.
As a production of cardiac radiofrequency ablation instrument, such as high-tech medical equipment based enterprises , the acquisition will help extend Jinjiang Electronic production chain, production equipment supporting its existing high-end therapeutic intervention supplies.
6 minimally invasive medical acquisition of U.S. company Wright Medical
June 18, 2013 , the United States announced Reiter minimally invasive medical company (Wright Medical Group, Inc) formally signed, $ 290 million in cash to acquire its subsidiary OrthoRecon ( joint reconstruction business ) and its related assets. According to the deal , will receive each other's OrthoRecon minimally invasive business sector , the business sector is mainly responsible for the hip and knee implant sales thereof. While this transaction is also China's medical device industry's largest overseas acquisition cases.
7 Neusoft Group acquired the Israeli company Aerotel
April 14, 2011 , Neusoft Group announced its wholly- owned subsidiary of Neusoft ( Europe ) Limited will subscribe for Israel Aerotel Medical Systems (1998) Ltd 's share price of $ 66.02 . 26,915 new ordinary shares issued in the amount of $ 1,777,000 , representing 30.77% of the issued shares of Aerotel after issuance .
Aerotel company's marketing network, products and globalization of R & D personnel and other resources, you can create synergy with the existing business of Neusoft , rich Hee Hong health services product line, combined with the company in favor of software technology , medical devices and the Internet, the vertical integration of medical service resources sector for government, corporate and individual users, including preventive care , remote monitoring, medical treatment , including life-cycle health protection services. Neusoft Group to promote the development of the Asia-Pacific and global business.
8 Fosun Pharma to acquire Israeli company Alma Lasers
April 26, 2013 , to join Fosun Fosun Pharma - Prudential China Opportunities Fund co-financing is not more than 240 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Israeli holding company Alma Lasers Ltd (Alma companies ) up 95.6% stake .
Alma was founded in 1999 , is a world -renowned medical laser , photonic , RF and ultrasound equipment production plant, with a more comprehensive system of products in the industry . According to an independent third-party reports , Alma has occupied the world of high-end beauty power equipment 15% market share.
9 Mindray Medical acquisition of U.S. company Datascope
May 2008 , Mindray price of U.S. $ 202 million acquisition of Datascope's (NASDAQ: DSCP) life care business. The transaction is called " medical device industry Lenovo acquired IBM 's PC business case ."
After the acquisition , Datascope Mindray completed the upgrade replaces some products , Datascope Mindray also helped open up direct sales channels in the United States. On Datascope channels , Mindray can not only sell monitors, ultrasound can also sell other products.
10 Nathon Medical Group acquired the Finnish company Inion
December 2010 , the Finnish Medical Group Nathon Inion merger of a wholly-owned subsidiary .
Inion company is well-known medical absorbable materials and products research and production enterprises. Has been committed to developing cutting-edge bio- degradable material , with a number of international patents, the current product line has covered many areas of the spine , trauma , maxillofacial , sports medicine , dental , and other biological materials , grasp the tip of biodegradable and bioactive implant materials with core technology , with complete intellectual property system , and leading patent and technology . Complete sales network covering Europe, America and the Asian-African developing countries .

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