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Getting into medical equipment exports growing steadily

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China's medical equipment exports gradually into steady growth, broad space for development . Data show that in 2013 , China's medical equipment exports 19.335 billion U.S. dollars category , an increase of 9.92% ; imports of $ 14.975 billion , an increase of 20.07% , showing out of the booming situation in developed and emerging markets go hand in hand . Diagnosis and treatment of hospital equipment medical equipment products as the main export products, still maintained double-digit growth rate , such as color ultrasound diagnostic equipment exports $ 477 million in 2013 , an increase of 11.39% .

Huge export potential
At present , China's high-end medical device market is still several well-known foreign brands dominated , high-end medical equipment mainly rely on imports , imports about 40 % of the total amount of the market. But the domestic medical equipment still exist great potential, in 2013 the export of data to see , along with advances in technology, business R & D investment for increasing the degree of China's medical equipment exports are gradually entering the steadily growing .
According to the China Association for Medical Devices branch of medical supplies provided , in 2013 , the main products of China's exports to the U.S. have X-ray contrast agents, medical nonwovens , hearing aids , cotton wool , gauze, bandages and monitors , etc. ; exports to Japan the main products include ultrasound, cotton wool, gauze , bandages, wheelchairs, etc. ; main products are exported to Germany, cotton wool , gauze, bandages, medical nonwovens, such as ventilators and scales . Medical equipment exports billions of dollars the amount of main products are medical catheters, cotton wool, gauze , bandages, man-made fiber or medical disposable nonwoven fabric clothing , X-ray contrast agents, hearing aids, ultrasound, syringes , scales , monitors and CT . Although China's exports of medical devices is still in the low end , but with the rise of the number of domestic enterprises , China is constantly made breakthroughs in CT, magnetic resonance imaging , ultrasound and other aspects .
Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce , director of medical devices and medical dressings branch honorary chairman Cai Tianzhi said that the current domestic medical device companies are in the process of transformation and upgrading , the last way to lower the price -based competition would suffer a competitive mode abandon , cooperation and communication will become mainstream, companies will have turned to high-tech , high value-added product development to give more input.
Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce predicts that by 2014, China's medical equipment business is expected to achieve 12 % growth in export growth and strong import growth to become the norm , the annual total trade of medical equipment close to $ 40 billion .
Foreign acquisitions intensified
Throughout 2013 , China's outbound M & Medical Devices noticeably increased , passing a strong international signal. April , Fosun Pharma to acquire Israeli medical laser , photonic RF and ultrasound equipment manufacturers AlmaLasersLtd up 95.6% equity interest in the company . It arrisWilliams report , Alma global high-end beauty occupy 15% of the power equipment market share in 2012 with annual sales of nearly $ 100 million . June , Shenzhen Mindray ultrasound diagnostic equipment takeover of U.S. companies ZonareMedicalSystems, Inc. In addition, Mindray frieze Levin , chief investment officer told the media that , because the two sides are complementary in the products, the completion of the acquisition will help enhance Mindray 's research and development capabilities and marketing capabilities . Industry insiders said the acquisition is an important signal Zonare Mindray to high-end market , and is a step back from their lip products, market positioning and other aspects into account results. June , Shanghai minimally invasive medical devices to the U.S. $ 290 million acquisition of Wright Medical 's orthopedic business, becoming China's medical equipment industry's largest overseas acquisition . This minimally invasive medical industry as " Tunxiang " generous, in the final analysis in its domestic orthopedic market bullish. It is reported that , Wright 's products are mainly used to replace or repair has deteriorated or damaged knee , hip . According to industry forecasts, in 2018 China 's orthopedic market will reach $ 3.7 billion , while the global orthopedic market will reach $ 37.5 billion .
September , Shenzhen Mindray acquired Australian distributors Ulco Medical Co. , according to the acquisition agreement , Mindray will get Ulco mature sales and service channels in the Oceania market .

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